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"Tired Of Posting Videos That Only Get You A Measly 3 Clicks (If You're Lucky)? Swipe The Exact Steps To Force Your Videos To Go Viral Without Any Guesswork!"

Before today trying to figure out how to make a video go viral was impossible.

Itís always been a LUCK Of The DRAW.

Well that stops right now and right here, because Iím going to give you access to 3 powerful video trainings that will change everything for you when it comes to getting your videos to go viral.

Iíve only given these 3 videos to my elite clients that have paid me $25,000 per year for my consulting services, but today since you invested in Video Spinn Iím going to hook you up and let you access them for pennies compared to what my elite clients have invested.

Hypnotic Video Course 1
Launching The Hypnotic YouTube Channel

In this training, youíre going to learn why most YouTube channels fail and what you can do to create a Hypnotic YouTube channel... A channel that gets audiences tuned in and hooked on your videos, so youíll never have to worry about traffic ever again.
  • The 3 steps to launching your Hypnotic Channel so youíll make sure to stay on track
  • How to pick the right niche with passionate audiences that will gobble up your content, so youíll scale and grow rapidly
  • How to verify youíve picked the right niche using the filter formula so youíll be sure youíre on the right track
  • Discover the FREE secret MEGA POWERFUL tool that makes it easy peasy to spy on your competition without wasting hundreds of hours... so you can be in the know and use the intelligence youíve gathered on your own channel.
  • Youíll learn about how easy it is to get your very first die hard 1,000 raving fans that buy from you without having to burn cash on ads.
  • And much much more.

Hypnotic Video Course 2
The Mashup Makeover Method

In this valuable video training, youíre going to learn how you can generate unlimited ideas for viral videos, so youíll have a YouTube channel thatís thriving with a huge audience tuned into you... and buying from you.
  • Youíre going to learn all about the new currency... and NO itís NOT BITCOIN itís BIGGER and commands more money on demand... money that comes out of thin air, so you can literally start to have money flowing to you readily and easily.
  • Youíll be able to completely take the guess work out of creating and launching viral videos, so youíll never have to worry about coming up with new ideas.
  • Youíll learn about the big time brand deal and how you can make $5,000, $15,000, $20,000 for 30 seconds of work without having to sell anything or create complicated websites.
  • Youíll see a real live example of the Mashup Makeover Method in action getting 929,000 visitors in only 2 weeks time so youíll know it actually works
  • And much much more.

Hypnotic Video Course 3
The 3 Lethal Attributes To Force Videos To Go Viral

In this training, youíll learn exactly how to force videos to go viral into the millions of views.
  • Youíll learn how these attributes are so powerful, youíll recognize them in blockbuster movies, platinum records, best selling books, popular youtube videos, so youíll know they work.
  • Youíll learn that behind all of them was a well thought out, planned, and executed campaign that generated millions of free visitors... so you can now do the same.
  • Know the exact psychological triggers to tickle to get people loving your videos and forcing them to share it with their friends... causing a viral frenzy so youíll never have to pay for traffic again.
  • Youíll discover the main attribute that makes all content -- not just videos -- go viral, so you can always hit a home run in all the content you produce.
  • You all see real life examples of the 3 lethal attributes in action, so you can identify the patterns moving forward in all viral content and see how itís being done... so you can copy and paste and do it yourself and get all the benefits of going viral.
  • Youíll discover the BIGGEST secret to connecting with your audience so they love you, like you, trust you, and buy from you.
  • And much much more.

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These videos have only been available to elite clients who
have paid me $25,000 per year in consulting fees.


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